• Maddie Darveau

Maple Ventures Welcomes International Agritech Startup to Workspace

West Des Moines, IA: On September 1st, entrepreneurial support center Maple Ventures welcomed droneSAR, an alum of the most recent Iowa Agritech Accelerator cohort. West Des Moines-based Maple Ventures has been home to up-and-coming startups including FarrPro, Hartsmart Products, and currently MākuSafe Corp. Now, droneSAR is finding their new home in the Maple Ventures family.

Hank Norem, President of Maple Ventures, says “We are excited to have droneSAR enter our Maple Ventures space. We hope to see them grow rapidly here while building their team and scaling their business.” Maple Ventures offers a mutual value-add system by aligning itself with businesses that have the potential to grow into industry partners. “The droneSAR team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in high-tech hardware and software, which aligns with the core of our business as an automation solutions provider. They are a constant study of emerging technologies and methodologies related to machine-learning and artificial intelligence and works to push the boundaries of the industry.”

droneSAR brings radar sensing technology for drones to agriculture, to help growers gain insight into their crops to maximize yields by giving them valuable, actionable insights to their fields. CEO and Founder Alan Langman says “After graduating from the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator program, we were looking for a small space that could support our engineering and business development efforts and was startup-friendly. We found that and so much more at Maple Ventures. They provide us with all the support functions to allow us to focus on bringing our product to our customers and you are surrounded by other great companies with amazing, kind, and supportive people.”


About Maple Ventures: Maple Ventures opened its doors in 2018 and is a subsidiary of Ramco Innovations based in West Des Moines, IA. They provide support to startups in areas from accounting to marketing to investor relations to infrastructure to help startups transition from the beta stage to standalone companies. Maple Ventures primarily works with industrial technology companies and startups with a focus on hardware and software.

About doneSAR: droneSAR was founded in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa and is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa. Their mission is to provide farmers with the crop scouting information they need to optimize their crop yields using radar sensors and software analytics.

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