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Clay & Milk Magazine, a startup that supports startups, featured an article about Maple Ventures on their website. Below is a copy of the article.

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Ramco Innovations recently announced plans to launch an entrepreneur support center focused on industrial startups at its facility in the Valley Junction.

The center, known as Maple Ventures, is set to open this fall will provide workspace, infrastructure, knowledge and mentoring for early-stage companies with industrial hardware or software. Accepted companies will also be able lean on Ramco for a variety of things beyond the space, having the opportunity to tap into Ramco’s engineering and industrial technology experts, testing facilities, and marketing and distribution support.

The idea is really based on getting people out of the garage and coffee shop and into a facility where they can be next to engineers and folks that have been through and are facing similar challenges and learn from each other,” said Hank Norem, President of Ramco Innovations.

Maple Ventures is currently supporting two companies, MākuSafe and FarrPro, with plans to accept three more companies into the center by this fall, after the build-out for Maple Ventures is completed.

From a startup perspective, the most exciting thing is seeing they’re approach at Ramco where they’ll help as little or as much as you want,” said Gabe Glynn, CEO and co-founder of MākuSafe. “You’ve got startups and a 50-year old company working side by side and I think they’re going to compliment each other really well.”

Entrepreneurs interested in the space can now apply. The qualifications are specific, as Maple Ventures will be focused on fostering innovation in the industrial space. To work with Maple Ventures, companies must have a full-time founder and have an industrial product or solution in beta or beyond.

Together, we can drive each other, make each other better and bounce things off each other. We’re going to create our own little micro-community here,” said Glynn.

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